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When you’re looking at commercial property investment NZ wide, there can be a lot to consider. That’s why we started Provincia, to make it easier for people like you to unlock more value from investing, by utilising the best commercial property funds around. 

We know that there are core differences between investing in residential real estate compared to commercial real estate, and that is why more Kiwis put commercial property investing in the ‘too hard basket’. There is so much success that can come from commercial real estate investing, and you shouldn’t let the fear of acquiring and managing these types of investments limit you from securing a successful future through property investment. 

If you’re looking to invest in the commercial property market and aren’t sure where to get started, talk to our Provincia team about commercial real estate investing.

Provincia Takes Away Investing Barriers
As experts in commercial property investment NZ-wide, we’ve removed the barriers that many people face when they want to invest in commercial real estate. Being an experienced real estate investor helps, but if this is your first foray into commercial real estate investing, our team are here to share their expertise and experience to ensure you fully understand the intricacies of the commercial property market. 

Since the inception of the fund in 2017, Provincia has returned strong reliable cash returns and consistent share price growth. We know it takes more than just having the capital to purchase a commercial property. You need to find a good commercial property, that ‘diamond in the rough’ so to speak. We invest in quality mid-sized ($5-10 million) industrial properties located in growth areas with sound economics. 

Provincia started with an industrial property that had been overlooked by buyers but with our team’s expert knowledge, this property became an investment success. Since 2017, we’ve taken the time, hard work, and risk out of finding these suitable types of commercial properties, and they have continuously yielded high returns such that we now have one of the best commercial property funds available. 

Why Invest In Commercial Property?
Compared to residential properties in NZ, commercial properties generally provide investors with a higher return on their investment. While a residential property investment can require significant capital and hands-on management, investing in Provincia’s commercial property fund requires a $50k minimum investment and offers more diversification and less hands-on management. Often, tenants in commercial properties cover expenses such as property maintenance, rates, insurance, water and power bills, meaning there can be fewer ongoing expenses for commercial investors compared to the cost of managing residential properties. Like any type of investment, commercial real estate investing has advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to assess your goals as an investor as well as your risk tolerance.

Why Choose Provincia For Your Commercial Property Investment NZ?
Our founders, Carl Burling and Jack Revill, have been involved in all sectors of commercial property for many years. It was through teaching other kiwis the fundamentals of investing in commercial property, which initiated Provincia and the creation of one of the best commercial property funds you will find in the country. We place a focus on reliability, consistency, and foresight. We have demonstrated our ability to stay ahead of the market by understanding the demand and finding commercial properties with undervalued potential, to deliver strong returns for our investors.

We Offer The Best Commercial Property Investment Fund
When you utilise our expertise, experience, and Provincia’s strict investment principles, you will find yourself ahead in the commercial property investment game. Since the beginning, our goal has always been to help investors who were struggling to realise their investment potential. Our market leading commercial property funds continue to deliver regular income and strong risk adjusted total returns. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to putting our investors first. Our commercial property funds offer an easy to understand structure that delivers high quality commercial properties with a substantial track record, and great cash returns. Explore our property portfolio today and see for yourself how Provincia is the easy, low risk way to add commercial property investments to your portfolio mix

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