Property Portfolio Investment Strategy

We invest in quality mid-sized ($5-10 million) industrial properties located in growth areas that have sound economics. Our properties are located in areas with some of the lowest vacancy rates in the country. If ever we were to lose a tenant, we are confident in being able to replace them very quickly.

We operate as a single diversified fund. This means your investment is diversified across our entire portfolio. The management team are all investors as well. Which mean there is complete alignment and focus on delivery a strong return for the fund.

Of the three categories of commercial property investment – retail , office and industrial – industrial property investment stands out with consistently higher returns and as the safest, most reliable category.

During economic downturns, shops may close down and offices may cut back, but factories and warehouses just keep running. See how our added value investment principles and profitable property portfolio investment strategy can help you to get ahead.

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A Diversified Industrial Property Portfolio


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